What is Hepatitis C? Variety of Hepatitis, Triggers, Signs, Medical diagnosis and Remedies

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is a virus that causes liver diseases and swelling of the liver. As a result of this infection the organs will not work properly. These viruses can cause both acute and chronic infections, the chronic infection is the threat of liver cirrhosis. In the case Acute HCV infection,the viruses will clear within 6 months without any hepatitis C treatment.

1. What are the Varieties of Hepatitis:

There are several types of hepatitis viruses, named as type A,B,C,D,E and G. In these types the most common Hepatitis viruses are Type A, Type B and Type C. These viruses are transmitted through the body fluids or blood of an infected person. For example, through infected needles, from infected blood donors, having sex with HIV infected or STD person and through birth (from infected mother).

2. What are the Symptoms Of Hepatitis:

For every disease symptoms are there, but many people with Hepatitis disease have no symptoms. But some noticeable changes are
• Jaundice : it is the condition called yellowish pigmentation of the skin.
• Stomach pain : continues stomach pain also may be a condition of hepatitis.
• Nausea: huge upper stomach pain and a spontaneous urge to vomit.
• Fever: frequent fever is a symptom of hepatitis A, B or C
• Fatigue: tiredness

3. How about the treatment

Most of the people who are suffering from hepatitis A and hepatitis E , they get well on their own after a few weeks. For that you need to do continues bed rest, avoid alcohol and good medication.
In the case of Hepatitis B you can treat with drugs and the Hepatitis C any lack of treatment will cause liver failure
Hepatitis C treatment: the treatments have changed a lot in recent years. Before the introduction of new drugs Hepatitis C is known as a deadly disease.
The Harvoni is one of the newer drug that cures Hepatitis within 8-12 weeks. The Harvoni is a combination of two drugs that are sofosbuvir and ledipasvir.
Then medical science invented some new medicines against hepatitis C that are Omabitasvir-paritaprevir-ritonavir and declastasvir- these drugs don’t require interferon to act against viruses. But all these medicines are little bit costly.
Your treatment against hepatitis C will depend on many things, including the type of hepatitis C virus. In U.S the most common type is genotypes-1,2 and 3 and genotypes- 4,5 and 6 are very rare. And the main thing is the costs of medicine is little bit higher in there compared to other countries.

4. From Where you will get cheap Hepatitis C treatment

Latest antiviral medications that aim hepatitis C, such as Harvoni, Sovaldi and Olysico cure the majority of the people infected by the virus. But the price of drugs is very high in the United States the treatment value can reach about 100,000 dollars per patient. And if the infection is in critical condition such person needed two courses of treatment.
But you will get these drugs at cheapest prices in India. For example, in the case of Harvoni you will get from India at 900 dollars and for others also the same (less in price).for Hep C treatment Buy Generic Harvoni Online From India